Let’s Talk Packaging

When ordering products online one of the biggest concerns is packaging. There’s too much plastic, it’s excessive or it can’t be recycled. Awareness of sustainable packaging has grown significantly in the last decade and it definitely plays a big part in the way we run Kitchen Scents.

To make things easier for our customers we include a recycling slip in all of our orders letting you know how you can reuse or recycle your packaging.



Our boxes are made from recycled, sustainable materials and can be easily recycled.


The paper bubble wrap we use is made from recycled, sustainable materials. It can be reused or fully recycled.


Any tape used can be left on your boxes to be recycled. You can also reuse or recycle our cotton ribbon.


Our paper is 100% recyclable. We don’t use any fancy coating.


The packing peanuts in this box are made from corn starch. They can be reused or composted as they are completely biodegradable. They can also be dissolved in warm water and washed down your sink!

All gift wrapped parcels will now be packaged in a compostable mailer bag that can recycled, reused or composted.


We are always trying to think of ways to minimise waste therefore we have been focusing on refills for our wood wick candles, reed diffusers and hand & body wash.